The Best Burgers in Indianapolis: A Guide to the City's Finest

Indianapolis is a city that knows how to do burgers right. From classic American diners to cozy pubs, the city has something for everyone when it comes to the perfect burger. Whether you're looking for a juicy half-pound patty or a gourmet creation, here are some of the top-rated burger restaurants in Indianapolis.Burger Theory at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This restaurant is consistently rated as one of the best burger spots in Indiana.

The Southwest burger is a half-pound of premium meat served with BBQ sauce, crispy smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese. Topped with a crunchy onion ring, it's sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Red Key

is a hole-in-the-wall located on College Avenue that Indy locals love. These burgers are voted the best in town almost every year, and it's also a great place to grab a drink and enjoy some classic pub grub.

Working Man's Friend

is an Irish pub that serves up some of the best burgers in the Midwest. From huge, monstrous burgers full of ingredients to gourmet restaurants with their fine-dining touch, there's something for everyone.


opened its doors in Schererville a year ago and has quickly become one of the most successful restaurants in the state.

Its selection makes it one of the best burgers in Indiana, especially for picky eaters who are always looking for something new.

Don Hall's

is an American restaurant located in Fort Wayne that made it onto our list of the best burgers in Indiana. This small eatery serves up delicious hamburgers that are sure to please.

Henry Burger

at Teays River Brewing & Public House is one of the best burgers in all of Indiana. This cozy spot serves up a delicious burger that was inspired by writings found in an old leather book.

Bub's Burgers

is home to the famous Big Ugly burger, which is anything but ugly. This tasty creation has earned top honors and was ranked one of the best burgers in Indiana.

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