The 13 Best Burgers in Indianapolis: A Guide to the Most Delicious Burgers

Indianapolis is renowned for its unique and delicious burgers. From classic American restaurants to hidden hole-in-the-wall pubs, the city has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a half-pound of premium meat or a mini burger, this guide will help you find the best burgers in Indianapolis. One of the most popular burgers in Indiana is the Southwest burger at 33 Brick Street.

This half-pound of premium meat is served with BBQ sauce, crispy smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese, topped with a crunchy onion ring. Residents across the state consistently rate it as one of the best they've ever tasted. Don Hall's is another popular American restaurant in Fort Wayne. It's a great place to have a drink with friends and enjoy some of the best burgers and beer in town.

The combination of flavor and atmosphere makes it a must-visit spot. BRU Burger is another great spot for burgers in Indianapolis. They make their own tomato sauce at home and serve it with delicious French fries and larger-than-mouth hamburgers. With 20 different burgers on the menu, including vegetarian and vegan options, there's something for everyone.

Working Man's Friend is another popular spot for burgers in Indianapolis. You might know them for their popular hamburger contest, “The Big Ugly,” but they have some of the best burgers in town. This cozy place is home to the famous and delicious Henry Burger, one of the best burgers in all of Indiana. Flamme Burger is another great spot for burgers in Indianapolis.

You'll know you're close when you start to smell the burgers roasted over a wood fire. They have 18 different burgers on the menu, including turkey, bison, black bean, and Impossible burgers. Finally, Bub's Burgers is a Carmel restaurant that serves lots of mini burgers. Their most popular burger could be called Big Ugly, but there's absolutely nothing ugly about it.

It's perfect if you want to try something different but don't want to commit.

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